About Shams Al-Ghayeb

The Soul and a Loaf of Bread is nothing more than the daily musings of an American girl — hailing from Brooklyn, New York — on ordinary life in this dunya…  spirituality… love and tribulations… and what it is like living in the ghorba far from those you hold dear.

I don’t consider myself a real writer or blogger by any means.  I created this blog merely as a sort of therapy for myself. A way to type through my issues and get them out of my system… and maybe– just maybe– someone out there who is going through similar trials will stumble across this and know that, at the very least, he or she is not alone.

May the peace and blessings of God be forever upon you.  Word up.

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته


Shams Al-Ghayeb


3 comments on “About Shams Al-Ghayeb

  1. Assalamu Alaikum Shams- great blog. You may not consider yourself a real writer or blogger, but you write with sincerity and share with us readers your thoughts and daily musings which is an act of friendship and kindness I feel. Sincerity too is a rare thing. There is this quote from Rumi on sincerity I always remember:

    “You should be sincere in your deeds, So that the Majestic Lord may accept them. Sincerity is the wing of the bird of the acts of obedience. Without a wing, how can you fly to the abode of prosperity?” – Rumi

    On my own blog I tend to write satirical and sarcastic pieces so its nice to come here and read what you put out. It’s a nice balance. And your a fellow Brooklynite too , thats an added bonus

  2. Hola Shams Al-Ghayeb, thank you for checking out my blog, glad you liked what you found! Hope you will find more interesting stuff there 🙂 I am now going to have a look around here. Take care

  3. zozocane says:

    Thank you for the LIKE:)

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