Long time, no blog.  Not that I haven’t had anything to say, but between being stressed out with my new job change and personal drama… I just sort of fell into my old habit of retreating into myself.  Sometimes I have a tendancy to alienate and cut myself off from the world, family and friends when I am going through a rough time — It’s a horrible habit and I remembered that this was the reason for me creating this blog in the first place: to make a space for me to dump all my spare thoughts.  My chest is starting to get crowded again so I think its time to get the ball rolling again.

The hurt you embrace becomes joy. Call it to your arms where it can change.

A silkworm eating leaves makes a cocoon. Each of us weaves a chamber of leaves and sticks. Silkworms only begin to truly exist as they disappear inside that room.

Without legs we fly.  When i stop speaking–This poem will close and open its silent wings….


Lord, please help me to open my wings and guide me skyward.  Please help me to find my way in this dune, with your will.

-Shams Al Ghayeb

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